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Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 2 (Teacher Guide - Revised)

The Digestive System & Metabolism, Reproductive System, & Special Systems

Written by Dr. Tommy Mitchell
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  • Format: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Length: 193 pages
  • Grade: 9 - Adult
  • Publisher: Master Books
  • Published: 2022
  • SKU: 10-1-896
  • ISBN: 9781683443032
  • UPC:

Learn about the incredible complexity of the nervous system, and the function of digestion, a highly complex system created by God to transform food into fuel for our energy. Your student will realize that their bodies cannot be the result of chemical accidents occurring over millions of years. The human body is the greatest creation of an all-knowing Master Designer!


The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 2 course, which includes:

  • Instruction on the digestive system and metabolism, the reproductive system, and special systems, including the urinary system, the endocrine system, and the integumentary system, all from a Christian perspective.
  • Assessments including worksheets, quizzes, and tests are given at regular intervals with space to record each grade.

OVERVIEW: The Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology continues as students are given a deeper understanding of God's wonderful design of their bodies. How does the cereal you had for breakfast become energy? Or the popcorn you had at the ballgame? How does the chicken you had for supper provide the amino acids the body needs to build proteins? How does the human body form so wondrously in a mother's womb? How does the blood ceaselessly transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body? These questions and more are answered as we look into the wonders of God's awesome creation. But as with all things in our fallen cursed world, things do go wrong. We will also explore the problems that occur when our bodies are damaged by disease or injury. When you see the incredible complexity of you, you will realize that our bodies cannot be the result of chemical accidents occurring over millions of years. The human body is the greatest creation of an all-knowing Master Designer!

FEATURES: The calendar provides 5 lessons weekly with clear objectives, and the worksheets, quizzes, and tests are all based on the readings from the student book.

  • Approximately 30 to 45 minutes per lesson, five days a week
  • Includes answer keys for worksheets, quizzes, and tests
  • Worksheets for each section
  • Quizzes and tests are included to help reinforce learning and provide assessment opportunities
  • Designed for grades 9 to 12 in a one-year course

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