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on July 1, 2006; last featured December 5, 2006
Featured in Answers Magazine

The Bible comes under attack in a new movie starring Hollywood mega-star Tom Hanks. The Da Vinci Code attempts to present fiction as fact in promoting its anti-Christian message.

The Da Vinci Code movie was being released in theaters as Answers magazine was going to press. The movie no doubt will mirror the plot of the hugely successful, similarly titled novel: secret documents in the tomb of Mary Magdalene (said to be the wife of Jesus) show that she was to be the true leader of the Christian church. Roman Catholic leaders try to keep these documents hidden as searchers draw closer and closer to finding them.

The novel pretends to draw from supposedly reliable historical documents. However, it really presents speculation as fact regarding the origins of Christianity (that Jesus was merely a man who was not God, He was married, etc.). Millions of readers—and now millions of theater-goers—are being hoodwinked into thinking that the Bible contains erroneous teachings.

Use our online review to help others understand that, in reality, the Bible is accurate and is our final authority in all matters of faith and truth!

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July – September 2006


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