Stooping Low for Evolution

on ; last featured December 18, 2006
Turkish family

A Turkish family with a genetic disorder claimed for evolution. Photo courtesy of BBC/Passionate Productions

It was all over the world's media, including a BBC-TV documentary-family members in Turkey who walk hunched over, using their hands as well as their feet. Not surprisingly, some evolutionists claim that this ability demonstrates that an ape-like ancestor of man once walked on all fours.

Some of these evolutionists argue that the Turkish siblings have reverted to “an instinctive behavior deeply encoded in the brain but abandoned in the course of evolution.”1 More thoughtful scientists, however, say that there is a genetic mutation involved because these siblings' parents are closely related. Such “in-breeding” can result in genetic defects and abnormalities (the siblings also suffer from mental retardation).

Evolutionary scientists who try to use a genetic mistake that has led to mental retardation to make their case for evolution are the ones stooping low. The unfortunate people in Turkey are being exploited as freaks and throwbacks to evolution, when they are instead descendants of Adam and Eve and created in God's image-but have suffered from the effects of the Curse (Genesis 3:15).

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