The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! Object Lesson 2

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In order to understand what really happened, we need to view these animals through “Biblical glasses.”


The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! teaches the importance of basing our ideas about dinosaurs (and the world in general) on what the Bible says. In order to understand what really happened, we need to view these animals through “Biblical glasses.” The following activity demonstrates this principle by showing that the “glasses” one has on determines the appearance of an object.

Dino Vision

Materials Needed

  • Colored plastic wrap (or transparencies in various colors)
  • Paper towel tube or Styrofoam cups
  • Tape/Rubber bands
  • Scissors


  1. Make a pair of “glasses” for the student by cutting the paper towel tube in half, and taping the two halves together, or by cutting the ends off the Styrofoam cups and taping the two cups together.
  2. Over one end of the “glasses,” use tape or a rubber band to attach a piece of the plastic wrap or transparency.
  3. Choose an object to look at (a tree, a fruit, etc).
  4. Have the student look at the object through the “glasses.”
  5. Have them describe how the “glasses” changed the appearance of the object.
    • Does it appear darker or lighter?
    • Is it more or less clear than without the glasses?
    • How did the appearance of the area surrounding the object change?
  6. Repeat with other colors.


These “glasses” change the way we view the world. In the same way, the basic worldview we have will ultimately determine how we understand the life and times of dinosaurs. Those who don't believe in God must explain the existence of dinosaurs apart from the teaching in His Word. Those who believe in God use the Bible to help make sense of these awesome creatures, rather than relying on their own understanding and fallen brains. For more information, see Two Worldviews in Conflict.


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