Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Dr. Tommy Mitchell

As a scientist, physician, and father, Dr. Mitchell has a burden to provide solid answers from the Bible to equip young people and adults to stand in the face of their personal tragedies and popular evolutionary misinformation.

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Tommy Mitchell

Tommy Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell graduated with a BA with highest honors from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 1980 with a major in cell biology. For his superior scholarship during his undergraduate study, he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa Society (the oldest and one of the most respected honor societies in America). Dr. Mitchell subsequently attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, where he received his medical degree in 1984.

Dr. Mitchell completed his residency at Vanderbilt University Affiliated Hospitals in 1987. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. In 1991, he was elected a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (F.A.C.P.). Tommy had a thriving medical practice in his hometown of Gallatin, Tennessee, for 20 years, but, in late 2006, he withdrew from medical practice to pursue creation ministry full time.

As a scientist, physician, and father, Dr. Mitchell has a burden to provide solid answers from the Bible to equip people to stand in the face of personal tragedy and popular evolutionary misinformation. Using communication skills developed over many years of medical practice, he is able to connect with people at all educational levels and unveil the truth that can change their lives.

In addition to his role as speaker and writer, Tommy serves the ministry as both speaker liaison and technical liaison. He is an avid user of Apple computers and is, most certainly, “a Mac!”

Dr. Mitchell has been married to his wife Elizabeth (herself a retired obstetrician) for 32 years, and they have three daughters. His hobbies include Martin guitars, anything to do with Bill Monroe (the famous bluegrass musician), and large format black and white photography. He is Ken Ham’s most feared cribbage opponent and takes great pleasure in defeating the boss at every opportunity.

He has three websites that offer more information about his ministry and life: www.rtmitchell.com, www.tommysmartins.com, and www.tommysphotos.com.

Tommy’s well-illustrated talks include:

  • Why Genesis Matters (the relevance of Genesis to today’s Christian)
  • Why Can’t a Day Mean a Day? (the six literal days of creation)
  • Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood (the most-asked questions about the Ark and the Flood; plus an update on the Ark Encounter of AiG)
  • A God of Suffering? (how a medical doctor looks at death and suffering)
  • Jurassic Prank: A Dinosaur Tale (biblical answers about dinosaurs)
  • Worshipping the Creator God (a message about creation evangelism)
  • And many more…

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