Cometary Panspermia

Wickramasinghe is a long-time proponent of panspermia. He denies that molecules-to-man evolution could have occurred on earth so he, like some other astrobiologists, exports the problems he sees with evolution to outer space and imports “cometary panspermia” as the solution.

Meteorites Seeding Life

Evolutionary scientists are ever on the lookout for some way to explain the leap from non-life to life. The logical first step, from their worldview, would be to find a source of “prebiotic” substances. The idea of meteorites “seeding” life on earth is very attractive to those who believe in “molecules-to-man” evolution.

Carbon in Meteorites

A meteorite said to be billions of years old contains molecules that include carbon atoms. That this meteorite contains carbon proves only that this meteorite contains carbon; evolutionists have no clear answer to how lifeless molecules could have self-organized into reproducing life.

Articles About Panspermia


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