Life Created In Outer Space

on June 21, 2008

ScienceNOW: “Life Cooked Up in Outer Space?” “The odds are improving that life exists beyond Earth,” begins a ScienceNOW article, crediting the change to a study of a “billions-of-years-old” meteorite.

The article reviews other “tantalizing but inconclusive” evidence of life beyond our planet, though we would label the evidence “tantalizing” only when laden with evolutionary interpretation. Among the evidence mentioned is the possibility that water once flowed on Mars as well as the discovery of “organic molecules” on or around other planetary bodies.

As for the new evidence—“not a slam dunk.”

As for the new evidence—“not a slam dunk,” ScienceNOW cautions—it’s a meteorite found in Australia in 1969 that is now claimed to harbor components of RNA and DNA. Hence the evolutionary hullabaloo, since a popular God-free model of origins is that life literally hit earth from outer space.

The team, led by Zita Martins of Imperial College London, conducted chemical analysis on the Murchison meteorite and discovered it harbored the substances xanthine and uracil. Both are nucleobases, which are necessary for RNA and DNA to replicate. The evidence does point to extraterrestrial origin for the nucleobases, because the carbon atoms in the xanthine and uracil are an isotope that is “extremely rare” on earth.

Here’s the leap: evolutionists cling to the hope that the most basic non-reproducing, unorganized molecular compounds, if placed together long enough in the right conditions, will eventually—by chance interactions (since there are no reproductive cycles to allow natural selection) create life. Even if this were true, it would only be a competing model—not a disproof—of the Bible’s creation account. But science has never shown how these congregating molecules could associate in just the right positions to spontaneously form meaningful RNA or DNA strands—nonetheless how those strands would have meaning without a pre-existing code.

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