The Ark—A Picture of Jesus

by Ken Ham on December 24, 2013

In some fascinating ways, Noah’s Ark displays similarities to Jesus Christ.

Ken Ham next to Ark model

AiG President Ken Ham with one of the Ark Encounter models. Noah’s Ark was a vessel of salvation.

This is the month that Christendom celebrates a singular moment in history, when God sent His only Son to save a sinful world. In some fascinating ways, Noah’s Ark displays similarities to Jesus Christ.

By entering the Ark, Noah ensured the physical survival of himself and his family. When we enter into saving faith through Jesus (John 10:9), we ensure our spiritual survival through eternal life with Christ.

When the destruction of the world loomed, God called out to Noah: “Come . . . into the Ark” (Genesis 7:1). God was with Noah and his family throughout that frightening year-long ordeal and protected and presumably comforted them. When we receive Jesus as our Savior, God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, comforts and protects us.

The Ark had only one door through which Noah had to enter in order to be saved from the Flood. Likewise, salvation in Christ has only one door (John 10:9). We enter it by faith in Jesus’s once-and-for-all-time sacrificial death on the Cross and His bodily resurrection three days later.

Finally, after Noah entered the Ark, God Himself closed the door (Genesis 7:16). Those people outside who chose not to enter the Ark’s door were left to face the destructive force of the Flood. Today, we have only this one life to enter Christ’s door of salvation.

Help us build a full-scale Noah’s Ark! AiG’s part in the Ark Encounter project is raising $24.5 million in donations for an all-wood Ark, the centerpiece and first phase of the whole multi-attraction complex! A finished Ark will be a great testimony to the historicity of the Bible and will proclaim the gospel. For an explanation of the funding of the entire Ark Encounter, go to


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