Noah’s Ark Found?

Where Is Noah’s Ark?

There have been many claims over the years that explorers have found the remains of Noah’s Ark. While this great ship really did exist thousands of years ago, what can we say about it today? One challenge in finding the Ark is the enormous size of the area to search.

Many Searches for Noah’s Ark

Questionable claims of Ark discoveries blunt the potential impact of a true discovery. But I am convinced and sincerely pray that if found, the Ark will once again warn a rebellious world of the judgment to come. For this reason—on Mt. Ararat and throughout the mountains of that region—I think the search should go on.

Wood Recently Found on Mt. Ararat from Noah's Ark?

If we logically follow the soundest scientific inference, it must be concluded that these wood samples cannot have come from the pre-Flood wood used to build the Ark. Given the present C-14 evidence, such artifacts CANNOT have come from the Ark.

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