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  • Sept. 5, 2006 from Answers Magazine

    the heavens declare the glory of God, Creation Museum, Stargazers Room

  • Work in Progress!
    Aug. 21, 2006

    With under three-quarters of a year to go until its grand opening, progress on the Creation Museum continues to accelerate.

  • Feedback Article
    “A False Version of Our History”
    Aug. 18, 2006 from Feedback

    A reader writes, “As a Scientist I am concerned that your exhibit, however well intentioned, will teach a false version of our history.” Bodie Hodge responds to this comment.

  • $1 Million Gift Received for Creation Museum!
    July 31, 2006

    A $1 million gift received Friday afternoon brought the total donations for this “walk through biblical history” museum closer to the $25 million needed.

  • Dedicated to the Glory of God
    July 22, 2006

    The event began in the planetarium, which was dedicated with prayer, followed by words from Ken Ham and Mike Zovath.

  • A Bookstore as Alluring as its Books!
    July 15, 2006

    The Dragon Hall Bookstore offers visitors not only a wealth of Bible-affirming science, worldview and family resources, but also a unique environment.

  • “Storytelling” at the Famous Field Museum
    May 1, 2006

    In regard to the Field Museum's near Evolving Planet exhibit, the unsuspecting public does not realize that there is “storytelling” going on … in the guise of what is called “science.”

  • The Creation Museum Journey
    Aug. 19, 2005

    On Monday, August 22, Mike Zovath, vice president of the Creation Museum, will introduce you to the new Creation Museum website and the addition of a museum blog.

  • My Favorite Creation Museum “Exhibit”
    July 16, 2005

    Ken Ham discusses his favorite room or exhibit in the Creation Museum.

  • We’re In!
    Sept. 7, 2004

    After many months of planning, prayer and the provision of God’s people who have been sacrificially giving to AiG–USA, four AiG offices have now become one!

  • Moving to Petersburg
    Aug. 31, 2004

    No, Answers in Genesis–USA is not moving to Russia or Florida, but to the lesser-known Northern Kentucky city of Petersburg—twenty-five minutes west of the current offices in Florence, Kentucky.

  • Motorcyclists to Show Support for Creation Museum
    Aug. 6, 2004

    A small legion of motorcyclists will be mounting their iron horses on Saturday, 21 August—riding in from several directions and nearby states—for the ‘Creation Museum Rally 2004.’

  • A Place Where People Will Get Saved
    June 26, 2004

    I want to share with you an emotional moment I had recently (and then some web testimonies), which I believe will illustrate what the AiG ministry is all about.

  • One Stitch at a Time . . . for a Timeless Museum!
    May 13, 2004

    The Garcia family has completed 115 beautiful baby quilts in just under two months-a monumental undertaking-to offer to AiG supporters in exchange for a donation to the Creation Museum.

  • Creation Museum Braces for Cicada Invasion
    May 8, 2004

    This year, the cicadas’ path will cross the Creation Museum property in Northern Kentucky, just as we begin planting 1,250 young trees and shrubs to beautify the grounds.

  • Methuselah’s Hands … Found!
    March 16, 2004

    It seemed like an impossible task, but the Creation Museum team has finally located them—Methuselah’s hands.

  • Ever Been to Branson?
    March 9, 2004

    AiG will be participating in a special Worldview Weekend bringing along Creation Museum models, artwork, artists, sculptors and AiG’s own down-to-earth speaker Carl Kerby.

  • Guess Who?
    Oct. 29, 2003

    We want guests—especially non-Christians—to recognize that God holds them accountable for their lives and beliefs, and the coming Judgment is just as sure as the historical judgment in Noah’s day.

  • When?
    Oct. 28, 2003

    I didn’t think it would ever happen, but the most-asked question we receive at Answers in Genesis has changed!

  • Creationists Need Bones
    Aug. 4, 2003

    Joe Taylor is the owner and curator of the Mt Blanco Fossil Museum and is known as one of the foremost fossil restorationists. Yet, Joe Taylor is also a creationist!

  • Aerial View of Museum Interior
    July 25, 2003

    Jon Taylor, Museum Illustrator, has drawn an aerial view of the current design for Creation Walk and Corruption Valley of the museum’s walk through history.

  • Talented Sculptors Join Museum Team
    July 14, 2003

    The Lord keeps dropping new talent into the laps of the Creation Museum’s exhibit design team.

  • Creation Museum Coming to Life
    July 7, 2003

    Great news! It is “getting dark” inside AiG’s Creation Museum (under construction near Cincinnati in the USA), which means the roof and walls are being completed.

  • Art Student Cheryl Reese Serving as Museum Project Intern
    June 24, 2003

    The Creation Museum team is excited to have Cheryl Reese interning with us until 19 July 2003.


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