Talented Sculptors Join Museum Team

Brad Toschlog and Stephanie Fazekas


The Lord keeps dropping new talent into the laps of the Creation Museum’s exhibit design team. Brad Toschlog, a gifted sculptor who specializes in exhibit design and fabrication, and Stephanie Fazekas, a talented intern from Hillsdale College, joined our team three weeks ago and got right to work.

Brad Toschlog, Former Sculptor at the World’s Largest Specialty Studio

Brad Toschlog

After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh1 in 1998, Brad went to work for the renowned Chase Studio, Inc., located in Cedarcreek, Missouri, USA. Chase Studio is “the largest studio in the world involved exclusively in the production of natural history and environmental science exhibits.”

Brad’s work has appeared at major natural history museums around the world, including museums in Egypt, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Washington, D.C.

Brad’s first responsibility at AiG is to make miniature sculptures of dinosaurs and other major museum features. These miniatures are part of an elaborate quarter-inch scale model of the museum’s interior rooms, under construction by the museum design director, Patrick Marsh.

Miniature Museum Lobby

See more of Brad and Stephanie’s work.

Building 3-D models is a vital step in the creation of exhibits, because it allows the artists and designers to make the most of the available space.

“It’s a thrill to see the careful planning that’s going into the Creation Museum,” says Brad. “Some companies try to save money by cutting corners. But making models is an essential step in creating a first-rate product.”

Brad is excited about the message of the Creation Museum. He grew up believing in evolution and never heard that there was an alternative, until after he finished school. Now he’s passionate to let people know about the effort of secular scientists to suppress the truth. “It even goes against science to ignore alternative views. It’s not intelligent—and it’s not scientific—to dismiss creation!”

Stephanie Fazekas, Sculpting/Music Intern

Stephanie is a senior at Hillsdale College in Michigan, USA, a conservative liberal arts school known for the high caliber of its graduates. Stephanie is majoring in music, with a minor in classical sculpture.

Stephanie Fazekas

When she found out about the needs at the museum, Stephanie gladly volunteered her summer to help. She will be helping Patrick and Brad to finish twenty models of dinosaurs that will go into the scale model of the museum’s interior.

Stephanie also has a talent in music composition, and she wants to help write some of the music for the theatre and other videos.

Stephanie joins our other art intern, Cheryl Reese, a specialist in “scientific illustration” who is producing illustrations of wildlife for the museum’s nature trails (see Art Student Cheryl Reese Serving as Museum Project Intern and Foundations Underway...). We appreciate the work of these talented interns, who want to use their abilities to glorify the Lord through this unique project.

Miniature Sculptures for the Museum Model

Miniature Museum Lobby

Another view of the museum lobby model
by Brad Toschlog


T-Rex by Stephanie Fazekas


Mastodon by Stephanie Fazekas


Chasmosauras by Stephanie Fazekas


  1. It’s a small world. One of Brad’s teachers at the art institute was Doug Henderson, the multitalented artist who produced AiG’s Creation Adventure Team videos!


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