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I didn’t think it would ever happen, but the most-asked question we receive at Answers in Genesis has changed!

I didn’t think it would ever happen, but the most-asked question we receive at Answers in Genesis has changed!

Creation Museum

Ken Ham and the museum team share the incredible progress being made on the Creation Museum!

Yes, I’ve often said in my talks that “Who was Cain's wife?” was that question. But over the past year, I’ve noticed that, whether it’s in America, Australia or Britain, the question I’m now most asked is: “When……?” That is, “When will the Creation Museum be open?”

I can understand why so many in America ask me this question—this project has received tremendous national publicity. But I’ve been amazed (and thrilled) at the number of times I’ve been asked about this Bible-upholding center from people overseas. The interest in this Creation Museum continues to grow—internationally.

Also, Christian schools tell me that they are ready to bring their students to the museum when it’s opened—even to bus them from hundreds of miles away! Others are constantly asking for opening dates so they can organize vacation plans around a museum visit.

How I would love to be able to give them—and you—a realistic date. Right now, though, I usually answer something like this:

“That’s a 17-million-dollar question! We praise the Lord for enabling us to raise around a third ($8 million) of the $25 million needed—$17 million to go! So, it really depends on you and others to give the dollars necessary for this project to be completed.”

I am pleased to report to you that the shell of the building (including both the mezzanine and special-effects theater floors that are inside) is up. Also, most of the asphalt has been laid for the parking lots. In addition, most of the construction of our first nature trail/picnic area around our beautiful lake is complete.

A phenomenal amount of work has already been accomplished on scripting the various exhibits, as well as for the special-effects theater. We just hired a professional model builder, who has completed a scale model of much of the exhibit space—an area designed by our exhibit director, Patrick Marsh (who designed the sets of the famous “King Kong” and “Jaws” attractions at Universal Studios-Florida).

The “When?” video will share even more exciting developments about the progress of the Creation Museum.

But here’s the bottom line:

If the Lord were to provide the rest of that $17 million right now, I believe the entire complex (museum and headquarters) would be open in two years” time.

However … at the present rate at which funds continue to come in (for which we praise the Lord and are so thankful), the museum would not open before 2008!

So the answer to “When?” really is a $17-million-dollar question that can be answered by God’s people as they get behind this vital project.

To understand more about the vision and the burden the Lord has laid upon our hearts for this Bible-equipping and evangelistic center (and to see the exciting progress), please take a few minutes to watch the “When?” video, produced by our own video staff.

I ask that you please pray that God will raise up many more people to see the importance of finishing this national center, and to give this project an enormous boost with their support.

The answer to “When?” is ultimately all in His timing, but I do want God’s people to sense the urgency of finishing this God-honoring facility—one which will challenge the culture (and the church) to return to the authority of the Bible … and thus impact the culture and see many saved.

Please consider your involvement for the needed dollars to complete this project—every donation, whatever the size, helps.


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