A Place Where People Will Get Saved

That moment, standing in the museum chapel, will be forever etched in my mind.

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I want to share with you an emotional moment I had recently (and then some web testimonies), which I believe will illustrate what the AiG ministry is all about.

It happened when I was guiding our board members through the Creation Museum and office complex that are under construction. After walking through the various parts of the museum where visitors will one day experience the true history of the universe, we came to the section where the gospel will be presented.

After guests have understood that the Bible’s history is true, they will be confronted with the message that the gospel—based in that history—is true. As a part of walking through the 7 C’s of history, visitors will eventually come to the 5th C, “Christ” (foretold in Genesis 3:15), and then to the 6th C, the “Cross.”

Guests will understand the gospel all the way from the Fall of man in the garden, to the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ (paying sin’s penalty).

At that stage, visitors will then enter a chapel and quietly think about the things they’ve learned and the gospel they’ve been challenged with.

Well, as the board members and I stood in the very spot where the chapel will be built, the chairman of our board, Pastor Don Landis, said quietly, “Think about it—people are going to be saved in this place.”

I must admit, a “tingle” went up my spine as I contemplated what Don had just said. It was also a good reminder of a major part of what God has called us to do.

You see, AiG doesn’t just want its ministry and website to convince people not to believe in millions of years or evolution—we want to direct people to accept God’s Word as the absolute authority and to put their faith in our Creator and Redeemer.

We make no apology about the fact we are not just speaking about a designer or a “god,” but are proclaiming the truth of the Creator and Redeemer of mankind.

For eternal purposes, there’s no point convincing people to believe in creation if they don’t also believe and trust in the Creator—Jesus Christ. Frankly, many creationists will end up in Hell, just like any other person who isn’t “born again.”

Actually, the real problem in our culture is not evolution per se. Increasingly, people have been led to believe that the Creator’s Word (the Bible) is not the absolute authority—and can’t really be believed in its moral teachings and salvation message.

So you can imagine that we get excited when we get testimonies through our website (almost daily) from people who have found that the Bible can be trusted:

  • “Six years ago when I married my husband, he thought that Darwin was right; however, he still had some questions. On an AiG [radio] broadcast, Ken Ham said, ‘Tune in next week to hear how dinosaurs “fit” into the Bible.’

    “Well, that is just what I needed. I rushed home, went to the AiG website and ordered every book I thought my husband would read. It worked! God worked! My husband knows the Creator! He now shares the Word and the creation story with whoever will listen.” – Tina, Kansas

  • Here’s another: “The Lord used me to give the creation message to my grandfather. After he saw there were answers, and after much praying, he bowed his knee and, at 86, gave his life to the Creator.” – Devin, Oregon

  • And: “If it wasn’t for your site, I don’t know if I would be a Christian. I started to think that if evolution was true, why should I believe in God? Your site opened my eyes and showed me the Bible can be trusted.” – Cade, Michigan

Yes, the Lord has used (and continues to use) the creation ministry—and our website in particular—to bring many to salvation. We rejoice, and the angels rejoice!

As we look at the enormous building that will house the Creation Museum, and see how God has grown the ministry and website, yes, I think you can see that He is using AiG. But we don’t want to have people see just an impressive building and website—we want to be known as a place where people will get saved.

As Pastor Don said, people will get saved at the museum, as God blesses. Thank you, Lord, for this enormous opportunity.

Thank you for visiting AiG’s Bible-upholding, evangelistic website. Please know that any financial assistance you can offer to proclaim the creation message will be used so the gospel can be clearly heard.


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