Not Just Horsin’ Around

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While horses have many uses, from transportation to recreation, they have provided Rebekah Holt an opportunity to teach others about the Creator. For the past four years, this equine-riding instructor and trainer has combined her love for horses and for God by teaching young people about this amazing animal.

Children are fascinated with horses, and they have many questions: How are horses, zebras, and donkeys related? Why are some small and others very large? Pointing people to the Bible for the answers has become Rebekah’s passion.

Rebekah started the equestrian apologetics website to steer young people away from the incorrect information that they receive in many public school textbooks and encyclopedias. This site helps refute the claim that the modern horse evolved from a much smaller, non-horse ancestor. The site then provides biblical information about horses, donkeys, and mules.

As she gives horseback riding lessons, Rebekah is able to teach young people and their families that God created the Equidae kind on Day 6, and that they did not evolve from another creature.

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Answers Magazine

January – March 2007


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