Truth or Consequences?

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This is not a “top ten” list prepared for a late-night comedian or a TV game show. A Smithsonian writer who declares that human evolution “has left behind some glaring, yet innately human, imperfections” gives a list of “Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved.” The list includes diseases, hiccups, backaches, goosebumps, and wisdom teeth, and he believes these imperfections are proof of onward-and-upward evolution (as paradoxical as that might sound).1

These supposed leftovers all have solid explanations according to the biblical worldview.2 So-called “bad design” is, in fact, a sign of a creation affected by sin (Genesis 3). Disease was never a part of the original perfect creation, but the Curse caused perfect designs to become imperfect.

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April – June 2011

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