Homeschool Science Textbooks Too Much for Secularists?

on March 13, 2010
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AP: “Top Home-School Texts Dismiss Darwin, EvolutionMany homeschool science textbooks are from Christian authors and are designed for Christian parents and students. Is that too much for secularists to handle?

An Associated Press story profiles homeschool mother Susan Mule, who regrets her adoption of a Christian science curriculum that didn’t toe the evolutionary line on origins. For some, the incident may be a reminder of caveat emptor. But for others, the very existence of the textbooks is a cause for concern.

“He probably knows [evolutionary material] better than the kids who have been taught evolution all through public school."

One such individual is University of Chicago ecologist Jerry Coyne, who told the AP that the books “are promulgating lies to kids” and that students who use them are being “shortchanged, both rationally and in terms of biology.” Coyne and Virginia Tech biologist Duncan Porter recently reviewed science textbooks from Apologia Educational Ministries and Bob Jones University Press, with Porter concluding that he would give the books an F.

The article quotes several individuals who defend the books, including former chmistry professor Jay Wile who helped start the Apologia curriculum. Wile claims that Coyne “feels compelled to lie in order to prop up a failing hypothesis (evolution). . . . We tell [students] the facts that people like Dr. Coyne would prefer to cover up.”

And homeschooling mother Polly Brown notes that her son’s science education was not compromised by the use of creation-affirming materials: “He probably knows [evolutionary material] better than the kids who have been taught evolution all through public school. But that is in order for him to understand both sides of that argument.”

Obviously, we support Apologia and Bob Jones University’s right to publish textbooks that adopt an unashamed Bible-centric position in all areas of academic inquiry; after all, we have our own God’s Design for Science curriculum that adopts the same approach. It seems some atheists, evolutionists, and other secularists are not satisfied in having driven God and His Word from public schools. Over time, we will likely see increasing critical attention focused on private schools and homeschool families that teach God’s Word, as has been the case in other countries.

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