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When a Costa Rican couple came to the Creation Museum looking for resources in their language, they were thrilled to find All God’s Children available in Spanish. “We don’t have anything like this,” the missionary couple told Diana Crandall of Answers in Genesis–Worldwide. What’s lacking, they said, is material for younger readers that incorporates a creation-based worldview.

All God's Children

The children's book All God's Children has been translated into seven different languages, including Hindi and Chinese.

This unique book features children from around the world and provides answers to a universal question: Why do people around the world look so different? While the book of Genesis provides the answer about races (there’s only one race—the human race), this book presents them in a fun way that children from ages 2–7 can understand.

Thanks to the work of many translators, children who speak Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian can now learn these valuable truths from God’s Word.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2007


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