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The testimony of Kelly, a counselor for the welfare system in a northern state of America.

Kelly (last name withheld) is currently a counselor for the welfare system in a northern state of America. Her testimony (below) proved to be such a blessing to us, that we asked her for permission to post it on our Web site for your encouragement as well.

Professionally, Kelly has also been a teacher-licensed to teach social studies. She hopes to return to the classroom soon, although she has enjoyed her counseling experiences where she can use Biblical principles to help her clients, rather than apply what she terms “anti-Christian psychological theories.”

In 1985 someone explained the Gospel to me. Afterward, I was told to pray the sinner’s prayer and I would be saved. So I believed I was saved, and attended different churches for the next several years.

In 1996 I joined a study of Genesis, although I expected to be bored since I knew “all those stories.” Instead it changed my life. The members of that Bible study stood on the authority of the Word of God. They questioned me closely about what I believed about my own nature, about Christ, and about what the Bible said on many issues. They stood up to me on my answers about evolution, issues of morality, and the deity of Christ, always backed by scripture. I thought they were fools, but I still believed that I was saved.

One day I turned on a Christian radio station, and heard Ken Ham talking about the “Genesis solution.” He explained that if suffering and death were happening on Earth before humans were here, then death was not a result of sin, as explained in Genesis. He went on to say that Jesus’s death on the Cross was based on the fact that the curse was a result of sin, caused by man’s fall. He said that if Genesis was not literal history, it undermined the Gospel of grace.

That hit me like a brick! I remember that my mind was racing as I re-evaluated what I believed. I realized that Genesis was true, and suddenly everything I had been standing on was suspect. As I looked at the Bible, and many other things with “new eyes,” I saw that the Bible was true, that Jesus Christ was God, and the Savior of mankind, that I was not a good person, but a wretched sinner who needed to be saved by God’s grace.

As I continued to study Genesis, now believing it, I renounced evolution, abortion, immorality, and many of the other things I had previously promoted as a high school psychology and geography teacher. A year later I studied the Gospel more in depth and realized that I had not been saved when I “asked Jesus into my heart” 12 years before. [I now realized] that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe [Romans 1:16], and that this is the Gospel: that Jesus Christ died on a cross for my sins, according to the scriptures, and was buried and rose again on the third day, according to the scriptures [1 Corinthians 15:1-4]. It was all Him; I wasn’t even in the equation! I had finally been able to look away from myself and see the sufficient work of another, of God, the only Savior.

And upon seeing that, I realized that the moment I had finally placed my faith in that work of Christ was when Ken Ham explained the necessity of believing all of the Bible on the radio that day.

Thank you so much, Ken, for standing on the authority of God’s word, and for challenging the beliefs of all of us. If someone had not asked specific questions about what I really believed in, I may not have recognized the huge difference between my definition of salvation and God’s.



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