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From the Mouths of Puppets



Harry Moore didn’t intend to speak against evolution that morning; he was simply giving his salvation testimony. But he suddenly realized, in the middle of sharing, that evolution and the Bible cannot be reconciled. At that moment he knew God’s Word was completely true, and he needed to learn more.

Joey the Puppet

Photo courtesy Harry Moore

Joey, one of Harry Moore's puppets, captivates boys and girls with his stories of what it might be like to live with dinosaurs.

For years, Harry has shared his knowledge with adults as well as children. He realized that other speakers were ably teaching creation science and biblical authority mainly to adults. So, as part of his presentations, he wanted to craft something unique for children.

Harry’s wife, Lenna, who taught in the weekday preschool at church at the time, suggested puppets. What better way to present the truth to little ones?

Harry’s two puppet “assistants,” Joey Whitaker and his Uncle Hobby, tell stories of what it might be like for boys and girls to live with dinosaurs. While the tales are speculative and fun, they underline an important truth: God created humans and dinosaurs on the same day.

Presenting the truth in such a simple way makes a profound impact. Even adults realize evolution’s subtle influence on their thinking.

For Harry, who is now retired, his Spotlight on Creation ministry constantly reminds him about life’s higher goals. “I am seventy-one, and I know the Lord is going to use me more and more for His glory.”

To that, his puppets would say, “Amen!”

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