“Gravestone Evangelism”

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After Ken Ham announced a unique ‘gravestone’ evangelism effort, AiG-US got more letters and comments than possibly anything else he’s ever sent out. This is one response to the idea.

Fred Cook's evangelistic Fred Cook's children

The Cook children, standing behind their father's unique gravestone (left to right): Mercy, 7; Betsy, 9; Eric, 11; Katie, 2; Nita, 5.

After Ken Ham, president of AiG-US, announced this unique “gravestone” evangelism effort in a letter to US supporters (also posted at Creation Evangelism on a Gravestone!), AiG-US got more letters and comments than possibly anything else he’s ever sent out.

Christians have been intrigued by the possibility of putting a “link to the Gospel” on gravestones—and we’ve learned about another lady in New Lexington, Ohio, who plans to do the same thing on her deceased husband’s gravestone.

At the time of Ken’s original report, the gravestone was still on the drawing board, but it is now complete and “doing its work.” Note that Fred was born twice (his physical and spiritual birthdays are to the left), and died once (the third date on the gravestone).

Monica Cook of Wisconsin wants her husband’s recent death to be a means of reaching people with the Gospel. She explains:

“Since I couldn’t put the entire Gospel message on his gravestone, I needed a roundabout way.

“I decided on something that was easily accessible (every library has the Internet), relevant to how people got information today (some people haven’t opened a book in years), relevant towards popular culture (our science-oriented one) and was interesting enough so people would stay on the Web site.”

Please pray that God will continue to bless the proclamation of the Gospel through such creative efforts at creation evangelism!


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