Mount St. Helens

Foundation of Geological Timescale Shaken

The explosion of Mount St. Helens not only drastically changed the landscape of the Washington area in just a matter of months, it also dug deep holes in the idea that “millions of years” are needed for rock layer, canyon, and fossil formation. Mount St. Helens clearly testified that these things do not require long ages to form.

Just One Volcano

The eruption of Mount St. Helens was a rather small and localized event. If a small explosion like this could cause such catastrophic results, what could happen if there were larger explosions all over the globe?

A Study in Catastrophe

Mount St. Helens has served as an object of study for creationist researchers, who have learned about the effects of catastrophic geological processes and the speed at which the earth can change. From radiometric dating to a study of sedimentary layers and erosion, the Mount St. Helens eruption offered a real-world laboratory.

Articles About Mount St. Helens


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