“Kitchen Theology 101”

by Henry de Roos on June 1, 2001

What theological message can you learn from kitchen renovations? Well, ordinarily not a whole lot! Let me explain.

What theological message can you learn from kitchen renovations? Well, ordinarily not a whole lot! Let me explain.

A little while ago, I embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime - a major kitchen renovation! It wasn’t meant to be that. A few cosmetic changes and new cupboards were all that was planned. Then reality set in. I knew that our 85-year-old kitchen floor sagged a bit (actually a lot), but I assured my wife that it wouldn’t be a big deal to make a new level floor on top of the old crooked floor, and then replace the old pathetic cupboards with new ones.

Here’s where “Theology 101” came into play. Upon closer inspection, the crawl space beneath my kitchen floor revealed the problem. Several rotten beams and, most importantly, the main beam under the house were totally rotted through! I ended up ripping out the entire floor and replacing them with new beams. It was surprising that the kitchen walls were actually still standing. Can you imagine if I would have disregarded the rotted foundation beam and just put a new floor over it? This reminded me once again about the importance of a good spiritual and intellectual foundation.

The majority of the churches today are disregarding the importance of the foundation of Genesis.

The majority of the churches today are disregarding the importance of the foundation of Genesis. They don’t accept it as literal historical narrative as the Hebrew language clearly reads. Jesus, the Apostles, the early church fathers and the majority of Christians throughout history have accepted it that way. Instead, churches often settle for a cosmetic, temporary solution (which really contributes to the problem) by saying that God created, but we can’t be sure about the six-day Creation a few thousand years ago.

Instead, they open the door to the possibility for the “millions of years” interpretation of Genesis in an effort to be seen as contemporary in theology and in harmony with modern “science” (evolution). The view that creation/evolution is a secondary issue, at par with doctrines like the modes of baptism, or gifts of the Spirit, is also popular. A connection between Christian doctrines and Genesis is also not recognized. All the doctrines of the Christian faith (sin, death, Curse, Gospel) are built on that most important foundational book-Genesis!

Genesis is like the main beam supporting our kitchen and house. A beautiful level floor overtop of a rotting crooked floor may look nice, but it will be a dangerous area to work in! The house will eventually collapse. So, too, with those churches, pastors, and Bible college professors who passively (by never taking a stand) or flatly reject the historicity of Genesis. It may look nice on top, but eventually, the people who study God’s Word for themselves, will see the inconsistency in their leader’s theology by allowing the millions of years (the rotting of the foundational beam) to be a part of the structure.

The millions of years of evolution added to Genesis undermines the foundation because it allows for death, struggle, and bloodshed before the Fall of Adam, whereas the Bible is clear that death came about only after sin (Romans 5:12). You can’t have it both ways. The millions of years of Earth history added to Scripture undermines the foundation and hence the doctrines of the Christian faith.

The only way for me to have a solid kitchen floor was first to replace the foundation beam. Any other solution would have eventually been disastrous. Yes, it took more time and effort to complete the job, but now the foundation is solid! The rest of the house is securely resting on the foundation. Similarly, it might cost you or your church greater time and effort to teach foundationally. (Some disgruntled church members may leave because you are willing to stand for the authority of God’s Word, starting with Genesis).

Not to worry-the Lord builds His church anyway. Let’s be faithful to God’s Word, starting where He started-with Genesis.


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