The New Generation

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Today, many who have inherited the great ‘wealth’ left by godly generations aren’t aware of the wonderful heritage they have inherited.

A couple of years ago, Mally and I decided to “downsize” our home—in some ways it’s an admission we’re getting older! Most of our children have “left the nest.” And some household tasks are now becoming more arduous. I said to Mally: “The answer’s in Genesis—our bodies are aging in this sin-cursed world!” (A person once said to me: “Ken, with you it’s not the years … it’s the miles!’) Yes, all that traveling and speaking does take its toll—but if God wills, I hope He’ll allow us many more years of active service in this Bible-upholding ministry.

Two years ago, we moved to a smaller house in a rural area, with some more land (giving us more of a relaxing “buffer’)—and close to the Creation Museum site. Before we moved, friends on our street questioned us as to whether we were making the right decision. Just recently, one former neighbor said: “Remember all those young children here? They’re teenagers now, and they roam the streets at night and have little respect for others. We’re worried about this new generation.”

At about the same time, one of our employees (with a wife and young family) moved into a nice, new development and made a similar comment: “Ken, we’re already seeing examples of vandalism by some teens—even young kids.” Soon after, we visited our son, daughter-in-law and our three grandchildren. They told us of police patrols in their neighborhood because of teen problems.

As I was thinking about all of these recent events, I came across some reports that relate to the problems we see in this nation today (especially with young people):

Of course, I could list many similar news items for you. Now just try to imagine what must be going through the minds of our young people today, being brought up in a public school system that has basically all but thrown out the Bible.

Previous generations saw dedicated Christians build influential colleges, great businesses and Bible-believing churches, but today, many who have inherited this great “wealth” left by godly generations aren’t aware of this wonderful heritage. This new generation has been trained to be humanists—they don’t have the same morality or Christian worldview (and that’s even true with most churches and Christian colleges). As I travel and see what’s happening in America, the more I’m convinced: AiG has been raised up for this time to deal with these problems head on.

Not many ministries today challenge the culture with foundational truths. But AiG, through our website, growing radio outreach, Creation Museum, etc., has been raised up: 1) to help bring reformation to the church (which has drifted from biblical authority) and 2) to challenge the world about true history.

Please continue to pray for AiG and support us financially, to help proclaim biblical authority, and thus minister to web visitors like Roger M. of West Virginia, USA:

“I grew up in a Christian home. In school, however, I was taught evolution. I never lost my belief in God, but came very close. He led me to your website. The articles helped to restore my faith. I pray that AiG may help others as it helped me.”

I suspect your neighborhood is not all that different from these neighborhoods in America. But we can reclaim the culture with your help and as God blesses.


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