Founding Fathers

Though not all of America’s Founding Fathers were Bible-believing Christians, the United States was nevertheless founded on biblical principles. These Fathers declared that our rights come from God, the Sovereign Creator.

Separation of Church and State

Almost all Americans have heard the phrase “separation of church and state.” It has been used to “beat down” and eliminate Christianity and symbols like cross from public places, disallow Bible reading and prayer in public schools, and stop the teaching of creation in science classes.

Culture of America

The church is not influencing the culture in America as it once did. Our Western nations—once dominated by Christian thinking—are embracing sinful acts, such as abortion and homosexual behavior, and are now calling these evils “good.”

One Nation Under Who?

Ultimately there are only two religions—one starts with God’s Word and the other starts with man’s word. America once built its worldview predominantly on the Bible. Now a shift has occurred, from Christianity’s absolutes to the relative morality of human opinions.

Articles About America


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