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May 1, 2008, is the U.S. National Day of Prayer


Join with Answers in Genesis on the U.S. National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer Task Force website states that the National Day of Prayer “is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation.” You can also visit their What To Pray For guide.

Pray without ceasing,” Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, and today’s National Day of Prayer is a perfect time (as is any other!) to do so.

Established by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1952, the National Day of Prayer calls on Americans of all faiths to devote time to prayer. For Christians, this only adds to the authoritative call to prayer Scripture gives us.

The staff of Answers in Genesis lifts up ministry and individual requests daily, and we ask you to join us in prayer on this special day. We humbly ask you to remember the Bible-upholding ministry of Answers in Genesis in your prayers as well.

Visit to read current requests from around our ministry. We are appreciative for everyone who joins with us in prayer, and we invite interested parties to considering signing up as AiG prayer partners. You won’t receive any special deals, discounts, or other material benefits, but you will have both our thanks and God’s blessings for your faithfulness.

We also encourage you to pray for:

  • your local, state, and national leaders in government
  • men and women serving in the armed forces
  • individuals in the business world, from corporate CEOs to family farmers
  • teachers and other education professionals
  • members of the media
  • mothers, fathers, and other family members
  • children and youth
  • the church in America


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