Concerned About America

by Ken Ham on January 28, 2013
Featured in Letter from Ken

Friend, we are witnessing the tragic collapse of the Christian structure across our nation and around the world.

As a Christian, are you as concerned about America as I am?

As I constantly travel across the country and speak in churches, I hear from many families who share exciting testimonies of how God has used the ministry of Answers in Genesis to change their lives. AiG has strengthened their faith and also equipped them to give answers to those who are skeptical of the truth of God’s Word.

But those same families often share their deep concern about the spiritual direction of our nation—even more so after many of the election-day polls revealed that a greater percentage of our population is non-Christian (more so with young adults).

Friend, we are witnessing the tragic collapse of the Christian structure across our nation and around the world. This horrible slide has been occurring as God’s Word has been progressively removed from almost every area of public influence. The Bible has been generally deemed to be a book of fables and stories, and as a result the church has lost much of its salty influence (Matthew 5:13).

Research has revealed that two-thirds of our youth growing up in Christian homes will walk away from the church as young adults. This massive exodus is largely happening because young people aren’t being given answers to the skeptical questions of this era. This lack of critical knowledge has caused them to doubt that the Bible is true.

These same teens and young adults have also seen many Christian leaders compromising God’s Word beginning in Genesis. Yes, we live in a world that is growing spiritually darker every day. It seems that so few leaders in the church today are prepared to stand uncompromisingly on God’s Word.

If ever there was a time that our nation—and the world—needs to hear that God’s Word can be trusted, it is now!

I shared with you a few weeks ago that our theme for 2013—“Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids (Galatians 1:4)”—has the goal of helping parents and churches “rescue” our children from the spiritual darkness that is leading them to doubt God’s Word.

I hope your heart is burdened with the same urgency as mine to see this generation and future generations rescued from the coming judgment of this world. We have to rescue them from the clutches of secular humanism—a worldview that is leading millions of people to reject biblical authority and the gospel, with eternal consequences.

Together, we must reach this generation with the truths of Genesis, equipping children, teens, and adults to defend the Bible against the onslaughts of evolutionary indoctrination that dominates our schools, media, and museums.

Your prayers and financial support are vital as we begin the new year to help continue the many evangelistic and equipping outreaches the Lord has given us to counter the attacks of the Enemy—and help turn our nation back to the authority of God’s Word!

I greatly appreciate your partnership with AiG to reach our nation—and the world—with the truth of God’s Word and its life-changing creation-gospel message!


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