Mind Control

by Ken Ham
Featured in Answers Update

As I lined up with hundreds of others to get inside London’s famed Natural History Museum to visit its new Darwin exhibition (England is celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday this year), I couldn’t help but wonder: was this going to be some kind of attempt at mind control? After I went through the exhibition, there was no doubt!

The Darwin exhibit reminded me of one of those bizarre science fiction movies where people line up to be placed in a special machine and emerge like robots; these people now can’t think for themselves, and they end up being like those people who brainwashed them.

In a related way, I found the Darwin exhibit to be a very clever form of mind control, basically consisting of:

  1. Setting up straw-men arguments that totally misrepresent what Bible-believing Christians accept.
  2. Showing how wrong Christians are for believing the things they supposedly believe (which they don’t believe in the first place!).
  3. Convincing visitors that Darwinian evolution is true, and that one is a fool to believe otherwise (and certainly foolish to believe the Bible).

Actually, this kind of mind control is already being used constantly on America’s children through the public education system, the secular media, and science museums (even in many Christian schools and colleges, sadly). Using London’s Darwin exhibition, let’s look at how they are using mind control:

  1. Visitors read this display:
    Before Darwin was born most people in England accepted certain ideas about the natural world as given. Species were not linked in a single family tree. They were unconnected, unrelated and unchanged since the moment of their creation and earth itself was thought to be so young, perhaps only 6000 years old, that there would not have been time for species to change. . . . Before Darwin, it was still possible to see the world as timeless, eternal and unchanging.

    Wrong. That’s a straw man. People who know and believe their Bible are aware that the earth has indeed changed because of what’s recorded in Genesis (the entrance of sin, the event of Noah’s Flood, and its account of the Tower of Babel). Those who believe God’s Word know that two of every “kind” (seven of some) of land-dwelling animal were on Noah’s Ark. All the different species (there can be thousands of species within one kind) of land animals that are alive today descended from the “kinds” that got off the Ark. Yes, animals have changed—and the earth has changed drastically since Adam sinned.

    In fact, before Darwin came along, people were breeding different sorts of dogs, cats, pigeons, and so on. Even in the Darwin exhibit, it is stated that “he [Darwin] was aware that people often bred animals with desirable traits and that over time such breeding exaggerated small differences. . . . Dogs were dogs but a tiny lap dog and a large lean greyhound look nothing alike.” I just wonder how many visitors noticed this gross inconsistency.

    Of course, everyone knows that animals change. The exhibition’s straw-man argument—that Bible-believers think that animals within a species can’t change—is set up so that the trustworthiness of the Bible can easily be knocked down.

  2. Now that the museum visitors are beginning to have their minds controlled to think that Bible-believers don’t accept that things have changed, the exhibition’s mind controllers state:
    Discoveries in geology had already challenged the idea that the world and all its species had been created at the same time a few thousand years ago. Fossils clearly show that in past ages the world had been inhabited by different species than those existing today . . .

    So, Bible-believers supposedly don’t believe animals change, but Darwin figured out that they do, proving the Bible wrong. These changes were his evidence of evolution (e.g., ape-like creatures turning to people).

    This, too, is designed to make London’s museum visitors think that they have to reject the Bible’s account of origins and a young earth.

  3. Now, here was the final step in indoctrinating visitors to disbelieve the Bible through mind control. They are indoctrinated to believe in an additional straw-man: creationists don’t accept that new species can form. But we do. We have stated innumerable times that speciation occurs—and that natural selection happens (as we show in a new exhibit at the Creation Museum). But we declare that speciation cannot result in Darwinian evolution— the idea that one totally different kind of creature (not species) changes into a totally different kind (e.g., the reptile kind becoming the bird kind). The London exhibit says:
    Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is the only scientific explanation for the spectacular diversity of life on earth. It provides a powerful framework for understanding nature and is one of the essential theories of the very core of science. . . . As Darwin himself anticipated some people have held to the conviction that species are the result of special creation through the action of a Creator. Some find incompatible with their religious beliefs the concept that humans share a common ancestry with earlier primates and that humans and other species evolved over immense spans of time. Creationism, including Intelligent Design, does not offer a scientific alternative to the theory of evolution by invoking the act of a Creator or an Intelligent Designer as the explanation for large diversity.

    Sad, isn’t it?

The Bible warns us about such mind controllers at the Darwin exhibition: it is they “who suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). Now I ask: to what extent have the mind controllers of this age influenced you and your family, and not just with the creation/ evolution question? Think about it. Then make sure you keep supplying yourself with answers to defend our Christian faith!


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