The Ultimate Proof of Creation

A debate over biblical creation is a lot like a debate over the existence of air. Can you imagine two people debating whether or not air exists?

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

The Ultimate Proof of Creation by astrophysicist and apologist Dr. Jason Lisle is a completely new, 21st-century guide to defending the Christian faith, emphasizing the Genesis account of creation.

A debate over biblical creation is a lot like a debate over the existence of air. Can you imagine two people debating whether or not air exists? What would the critic of air say?

Whatever his arguments, he would have to use air in order to make them. Not only is air crucial to the survival of the critic, but air would have to exist in order for his arguments to be heard and understood . . . . In order for the critic of air to be able to make an argument, it would have to be wrong.

Likewise, the evolutionist must use biblical creation principles in order to argue against biblical creation. In order for his argument to make sense, it would have to be wrong. Ironically, the fact that evolutionists are able to argue against creation proves that creation is true!

The three paragraphs above are an excerpt from my latest book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (with foreword by Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis president). With the arguments presented in this new book, I demonstrate that biblical creation absolutely must be true because it is a prerequisite for knowledge and science. That is, if creation were not true, science (or knowledge about anything whatsoever) would be impossible. For example:

  • Orderly, mathematical laws of nature that describe the consistent clockwork operation of the universe are exactly what we would expect given that Christ upholds all things by the Word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). If the universe were really the chance product of a big bang, then why would it obey laws?
  • The fact that the human mind is capable of rational thought and that our senses can reliably probe the universe makes sense given that God created the human mind and sensory organs (Genesis 1:27; Proverbs 20:12).
  • An absolute, universal moral code by which we have knowledge of right and wrong only makes sense if there is a sovereign God who has created rules for us, and to whom we are accountable.

A lot of creationists are under the mistaken impression that evolutionists would believe in creation if they simply had more “evidence.” But the Bible tells us that people already have enough evidence of the God of creation. Romans 1:19–20 makes this clear: “because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them . . . so that they are without excuse.

The unbeliever already “knows” God, but has suppressed what he knows to be true.

The key to defending the Christian faith—and sharing it with others—is to realize that the unbeliever already “knows” God, but has suppressed what he knows to be true. He denies with his lips what he knows in his heart. We can expose this suppressed knowledge of God by pointing out that the unbeliever unwittingly relies on creation principles when he attempts to reason or uses science or makes moral judgments.

Like the “critic of air,” the unbeliever relies on the God of creation to argue against the God of creation. While we cannot cover everything in a short article like this (such as how to counter possible criticisms of the above argument), The Ultimate Proof of Creation gives readers an absolutely irrefutable argument for the Christian worldview.

Note from AiG President Ken Ham:

I believe this is one of the most important creationist books available today to teach people how to think biblically and how to argue logically in the defense of the Christian faith.

If only churches and families had taught this material to their congregations and children, there would have been much less compromise in the church. People would have been less likely to have been led astray by compromise and would have readily recognized the illogical arguments of believing in an old earth and other supposed “evidences”—ideas that have caused so many to question the authority of Scripture, leading many of them to leave the church.


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