The “Domino Effect”

AiG Ministers to Thousands at Pensacola Christian College

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As I walked around Pensacola Christian College campus during my visit to speak at chapels and other meetings (PCC is a college of over 4,000 students), I was thrilled to experience first-hand evidence of what I call the “Domino Effect”. Student after student came up to me during the three-day visit making statements such as:

My parents took me to one of your meetings years ago—I’ll never forget what you taught.
My church showed your videos—they changed my life.
I read a number of your books—they’ve helped me in witnessing to others.
I went to one of your school assemblies as an elementary school student—I’ll never forget what you taught us.
I’m here at this college because I watched your videos a number of years ago—I can’t begin to tell you the positive effect they had on my life.

In the twenty-five years of my involvement in the creation ministry, I’ve always maintained that the more materials we get out in the culture, and the more avenues we use for disseminating the vital information concerning the creation/gospel message the Lord has enabled us to accumulate—the more we will see this “Domino Effect”. For instance, parents influence their children, who in turn influence their children and so on. For some (and in fact I believe to an ever-increasing number), AiG materials are an integral part of the influences that have led students to make a decision to choose a Bible-believing college, or to go into a missions program and so on. The “Domino Effect”! My colleagues and I treasure in our hearts the many testimonies we receive from people around the world who attest to the powerful impact the creation ministry has had on their lives.

I was also so excited to walk around a Christian college knowing they wanted AiG there to help equip students and faculty to defend the Christian faith and uphold the authority of the Word of God—beginning with Genesis. As I stood at the front of the auditorium and gazed at over 4,000 students and faculty (and thought of the 1,500 more watching on screens in the overflow room)—my heart jumped with excitement as I thought about the “Domino Effect”. As these thousands of lives are impacted by the messages they hear, and the resources they obtain, they will in turn impact multi-thousands more. “Thank you, Lord”, I said in my heart as I considered the enormous responsibility before me.

We have often bemoaned the fact that so few Christian colleges in this nation uphold the authority of God’s Word in Genesis. Sadly, most such colleges teach or allow for various compromise positions in regard to the book of Genesis—theistic evolution; progressive creation; day-age theory; gap theory, and so on (please visit our online Q&A section on creation compromises for the biblical response to these false teachings). In doing this, these colleges are allowing for man’s fallible beliefs (particularly concerning the idea of billions of years) to be added to the Bible. This undermines biblical authority and, we believe, has had a major part in contributing to the erosion of the Christian foundation in this nation.

So, when a Christian college like Pensacola invited me to speak to all students and faculty at their chapel services, the Wednesday evening service that included their campus church members, and also the high school students at their academy chapels—I went out of my way to accept this wonderful opportunity.

After the meetings, I was overwhelmed at the positive responses I received from students, faculty and the leaders at this college. What a thrill it is to know there are colleges of this size where the message of the importance of Genesis is welcomed and emphasized. As part of our outreach to such colleges, AiG has a very special and generous offer for such institutions. We make our five major books those that really encompass the major teachings of AiG (The Lie: Evolution; Why Won’t They Listen? [formerly: Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium]) available at or below cost to students and faculty when I or others from AiG speak at a such a college.

Because of this offer, students flock to our book tables to obtain these publications—and Pensacola was no exception. There are now multi thousands of such books among the students at this college. We are so excited we can be part of molding the minds of the future generations of Christian young people. The more we do this, the more we will help produce godly people equipped to defend the Christian faith, uphold God’s authoritative Word, and proclaim the gospel with boldness. And think of the “Domino Effect” that can result from these thousands of resources as they make their way into the lives of people throughout the USA and around the world. Who knows how the Lord can use these books to reach many with the creation/gospel message, and inspire numerous Christians to be fired up in their faith. I get goose-bumps just thinking about this!

We have already spoken at a number of these colleges this year, and as a result we have distributed many, many thousands of our books to the people who are going to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

Continue to pray for our outreach to Christian (and secular) colleges. And pray for the “Domino Effect”—that the message of the authority of God’s Word, and the proclamation of the gospel, spreads far and wide. Don’t forget, if you want to be a part of our prayer network—click here for more information on how to sign up today!


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