PBS-TV to do a Major Series Promoting Evolution!


A researcher for a production company that will be producing a PBS documentary series on evolution—and favorable to it—visited Ken Ham of AiG this week. She is doing background research for a major 8-part video series sponsored by PBS-TV/WGBH (Boston).

The series (much of it bankrolled by a foundation of Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft) will take about one year to produce, and will present the so-called “evidence” for macro-evolution. The eighth program of the series—tentatively entitled “What about God?”—will look at the different Christian views of evolution, from a literal approach (taken by AiG) to the compromise view of progressive creation, and to outright theistic evolution. It appears, therefore, that AiG’s on-screen involvement may be just a few minutes. The researcher was candid when she indicated that the series would not be on creation versus evolution, but on evolution—its history, and the evidence that supports it.

We trust that the producers will be objective enough to acknowledge that even evolutionists themselves disagree over the interpretation of the scientific evidence. We also hope, too, that AiG will have the opportunity to demonstrate that the same evidence can be examined in a different (i.e., Biblical) light.

This series will be released sometime in 2001. A video crew is tentatively planning on taping portions of our AiG seminar in Canton, Ohio, April 17-19.

As developments occur, we will keep you updated on this Web site.


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