Honeymoon at the Museum

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As one couple were having their photograph taken with Buddy and me at the Creation Museum on our anniversary weekend, they happened to tell me they were just married the day before and were visiting the museum as part of their Honeymoon! I have included a photograph of Jeffrey and Jennifer from Akron, Ohio! Congratulations from all at AiG. And what a great place to spend a day of one’s honeymoon—at the museum that gives the true history of marriage—beginning about 6000 years ago as recorded in Genesis!


International “Kentucky” Guests

We had a very special international group of visitors on Monday at the Creation Museum. The group in the photograph—shown with me and Buddy Davis (wearing the hat) standing in the main hall of the museum—represents the countries of Malaysia (two families here), Taiwan, and the Philippines. The men all attend Asbury Seminary/College, about a two-hour drive south of the museum (located in central Kentucky). While here, they all bumped into our chairman of the board, Don Landis (of Wyoming), who was with us for our one-year museum anniversary, and Don showed them through our offices next to the museum. As they walked through, some of them expressed surprise at the size of the IT department we have developed at AiG.


We will put them in contact with our director of AiG Worldwide, Dr. David Crandall, who happens to be on ministry business in Korea. The fast-growing international scope of AiG continues to bless and encourage me, and God continues to open so many new doors to us.

AiG Ministering in Iraq

While having my photograph taken with a veteran who just returned from doing service with the US military in Iraq, the serviceman asked if I would use his cell phone and call another serviceman who just returned from Iraq, as he has been instrumental in getting AiG materials into the hands of military personnel in Iraq. I have included a photograph of myself and this serviceman as I called his friend to thank him for the witness he has been to those fighting for their country.


It’s a Horse, of Course

Dr. David Menton has been giving some lectures at the museum on the supposed evolution of the horse. I’ve included a photograph of Dr. Menton in the Morris Whitcomb rooms (in the lower level of the museum) as he gave one of the lectures. Dr. Menton has also been giving lectures on dogs (to talk about natural selection and speciation—showing this is NOT evidence for molecules to man evolution). As well as his PowerPoint slides, he used live dogs as part of the presentation.


This photograph shows Dave’s wife Debbie with one of their dogs and also our daughter Danielle with her new puppy.


The next photograph shows one of our security officers with one of the dogs that make up our very professional canine unit.


The New Terrace Stairs

We’ve waited a year to do this—and the terrace stairs at the side of the museum have now been finished. I’ve included a photograph to show this—one of the latest construction projects at the museum. On the left on the lower level, new restrooms and the new Lakeside Café will be open in a couple of weeks.


Devotion: Rejoicing in His highness

(Isa 13:3) I have commanded my sanctified ones, I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger, even them that rejoice in my highness.

What characterizes us from the world is that though we may have troubles we rejoice that the Lord Jesus Christ has been exalted to the highest station.

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