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The international outreach of Answers in Genesis is solely focused on supporting the global mission of the church by equipping Christians around the world in Creation apologetics and evangelism.

Ever since the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel, there has been a great need to shine the glory of God to all the families of the world. Following the confusion of languages and the dispersion of humanity from one place, God instructed Abraham that in him all the families of the earth shall be blessed. This great blessing gained its fulfillment in the message of Jesus, who is the great blessing for His sheep of every tribe, tongue, and nation (Matthew 28:18–20; Acts 1:8). Christ has commanded his church to take His glorious good news throughout this world. The international outreach exists as part of the wider AiG team to equip the church for this great task specifically in a contemporary scientific age of biblical skepticism.

All over the world, the church is facing very similar questions about the bible because of scientific skepticism:

As we come alongside the church and equip others to answer these questions in many cultural settings, we aim to build up believers to be more confident in standing against worldly skepticism and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This website provides articles in different languages, gives opportunities for people to request translations and to become translators, offers information about up-and-coming international outreach conferences and international initiatives, and gives you an opportunity to partner with us through prayer and financial support.

Please join us in the exciting task of supporting the church in the great commission as we equip the church to defend the authority of the Bible and its reliable history from the very first verse.

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The entire Foundations video series with Ken Ham is now translated into Russian and available to watch for free online!

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