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  • May 1, 2019 from Answers Magazine

    After God cursed the earth, the war between man and weeds began. And the weeds seem to have the upper hand.

  • Magazine Article
    The World’s Smallest Compasses
    March 1, 1998, pp. 52–53

    The gifts and talents conferred on each creature, even the tiniest, fit their role in nature and their ecological requirements.

  • Magazine Article
    What is Peripatus?
    Sept. 1, 1994, pp. 40–41

    At first glance, it looks like a caterpillar. However, on closer examination the external appearance is more like an annelid (earth) worm.

  • Magazine Article
    Fresh Dinosaur Bones Found
    June 1, 1992, pp. 16–17

    Fresh (not permineralized, meaning unfossilized) dinosaur bones had been found in Alaska. Such bones could never have lasted 70 million years.

  • Magazine Article
    Wonderfully Made … the Armadillo
    Sept. 1, 1991, pp. 32–34

    Should you venture into the south-eastern United States, or almost anywhere south of there into South America, you might be treated to the sight of an armadillo.

  • Magazine Article
    Not of Cabbages and Kings
    March 1, 1991, pp. 18–20

    Have you ever noticed that when one considers two apparently different items, any characteristics they do hold in common can also be found in a wide variety of other things?

  • Magazine Article
    It’s About Time
    March 1, 1988, pp. 10–12

    Has God left evidence for creation in tiny halos in rocks? A creation scientist believes he has. And his work has never been refuted.


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