Dead Archbishop “Revived”!

by Ken Ham on October 1, 2003
Featured in Answers Update

Archbishop James Ussher, one of history’s most famous and respected historians, spent over five years researching and writing The Annals of the World. His volume is now available once again.

Like Abel, ‘he being dead yet speaketh’ (Hebrews 11:4).

He’s a household name in many circles—even among humanists! Most people in our Western world have probably at least heard of him.

  • He was honored by being buried in Westminster Abbey in London.

  • His name is synonymous with the age-of-the-earth issue.

  • For nearly three centuries, most King James Bibles listed his historical dates in the margins; born in 1581, he died in 1656.

Well, due to the dedication of two AiG supporters and their five years of intense work, one of the most remarkable works of history has been revived after 300 years of inaccessibility.

Archbishop James Ussher, one of history’s most famous and respected historians, spent over five years researching and writing (in Latin) The Annals of the World. It has been called a ‘masterpiece’—a literary classic, first published in 1654.

This famous comprehensive history of the world was used to provide an accurate chronology of earth history, and determined the date of creation to be at just over 4000 BC (around 6,000 years ago).

No-one could ever write such a history book again. Some of the actual historical documents Ussher gathered as he traveled across Europe have since been destroyed. Other documents are almost impossible to access today.

The largest publisher of creation books in the world (Master Books—the publisher of most of AiG’s books), together with Larry and Marion Pierce (who spent five years translating Annals of the World from Latin and old English into modern English) have revived one of the most remarkable and important history books ever to be written.

Ussher integrated biblical history . . . with secular history.

Not only does this unique literary work trace the history of the world up to AD 70, but it contains over 10,500 footnotes, which have been updated from the original text to references in the Loeb Classical Library by Harvard Press.

Ussher integrated biblical history (around 15% of the text is actually from the Bible) with secular history. Beginning with the death of Nebuchadnezzar as a reliable date, and working backward through the genealogies of the Old Testament, he arrived at the date of creation—4004 BC.

It’s a rare glimpse into events of history that almost all of us have never heard about here in the 21st century. You will find this classic work to be one of the most fascinating and challenging books ever to add to your library (or give as a gift to your pastor).

Because of the great contribution that this masterpiece has made to history, and also because of its relevance and importance to biblical chronology and the age-of-the-earth issue, AiG is making this nearly 1,000- page book available in a high-quality hardcover edition in a beautiful display box. In addition, an exclusive limited, embossed real-leather-bound edition is being offered as a fundraiser for the vital Creation Museum project.

AiG is thrilled to be a part of the ‘reviving’ of this literary work by one of the world’s most famous church leaders and historians, James Ussher, so that he can again speak to the world on the historicity of the Word of God beginning in Genesis—that the Bible was written in real time and real history, and provides the historical backbone for correctly understanding history.


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