Is Anyone out There?


There are innumerable galaxies in this vast universe—more than one could count in many lifetimes. Each of those galaxies contains billions of stars, and around those stars are, as scientists have discovered recently, many planets of various sizes and compositions. Some of these planets even seem to have organic compounds. So, could there be life somewhere in that unfathomable depth of space?

What Are We Looking For?

When we contemplate life on other planets, what are we really looking for? Many believe that some alien culture will tell us the secrets of our purpose in this universe; others believe that these space beings hold the key to health and eternal life; and some even claimed to hear from our “space brothers.”

Could it be that some are searching so diligently for extraterrestrial life because they are hoping to find some form of salvation from the stars—longer life, health, peace, or even identity? Some search “out there” because they think they can’t find those things here.

Seeking in Vain

Although it is often easy for us to dismiss reports of UFOs or alien encounters, perhaps instead of dismissing them outright, we should look to the underlying assumptions and needs of those who make such claims. Many have been taught that life arose on this planet spontaneously and evolved into complex organisms. If it happened here, they believe, surely it could happen elsewhere in the universe. They also believe that since life evolved, there is no purpose or hope for them beyond what they can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell; when they die, that’s all there is. These aliens and UFOs are their hope for something beyond themselves.

Many of these sightings are attributable to phenomena and objects simply unknown to the viewer (although there may be some with a more sinister origin), but why are many willing to see UFOs and aliens without first considering more mundane sources? Perhaps it is because they, like all of us, are desperate to find something bigger than ourselves to reveal the things we do not know. But what if those answers have already come? What if the mystery and purpose of life has already been revealed? What if our hope is already here?

Our Hope

Thousands of years ago, men were inspired by God to record the history, purpose, and plan for humankind. They were inspired to write the words of One who is not from this world—the One who knows us because He created us and created the universe.

Despite His kindness to us and His gift of a perfect creation to have dominion over, we rebelled against Him nearly from the beginning (and still rebel against Him today). But, because of His love and mercy, He did not just leave us to our self-destruction.

Four thousand years later, in a moment He planned before He created the earth, this Creator did come down to us—not from the stars, but from His throne in heaven—to lay down His life to reclaim and restore His lost, rebellious children. He defeated death so that all who believe in Him should have everlasting life. This God-man, Jesus Christ, is the hope that all of us are looking for—and the only hope we need.

When people look to the stars for life, they are missing the greatest offer ever given. God created the earth and the people who live here to be the recipients of His grace, love, and plan for restoration, to His glory. There is Someone “out there,” and He has offered Himself as a sacrifice so that we can join Him in perfection and incomprehensible joy forever.

Don’t just wonder. Get answers.

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