Don’t Alienate the Aliens

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The UK’s Daily Mail now reports that another Vatican astronomer also says he would be happy to baptize an alien.

In 2008 a Vatican astronomer suggested that if we ever find intelligent beings in outer space, these aliens would be “our brothers” and “children of God” as much as human beings are.* The UK’s Daily Mail now reports that another Vatican astronomer also says he would be happy to baptize an alien.**

Such a statement reveals the silliness that results when someone tries to reconcile evolutionary thinking with the Bible.

The idea of intelligent aliens is pure speculation that depends heavily on evolutionary presuppositions. The argument is, “Life evolved here, so it must have evolved elsewhere in this incomprehensibly huge universe— we can’t be a special case.” The Bible contradicts both assumptions—life didn’t evolve here, it was created from nothing. And we are special, the pinnacle of God’s creation, created in His image.

Because Adam’s sin affected the whole universe, it would also affect any alien. But as nonhumans, aliens would not be eligible for salvation (this is one reason we are confident that intelligent aliens do not exist). So baptizing an alien would be pointless at best, and a mockery at worst. Jesus did not die for Martians—only descendants of Adam can be saved.

* “Pope’s Astronomer Insists Alien Life 'Would Be Part of God’s Creation,'”, May 15, 2008.

** “I’d Love to Baptise ET, Says Vatican’s Stargazer,”, September 17, 2010.

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