News to Note, July 17, 2010

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on July 17, 2010
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Monkey brains, monkey children, cooperating bacteria, and more!

1. The Developing Human Brain and Evolution

Does the developing human brain portray the evolution of humans from ape-like creatures?

2. Is Fossil Missing Link Between Man and Monkeys?

Is a fossil found in Saudi Arabia the latest “missing link” between man and monkeys? Or is it only the latest misunderstood ape-like creature?

3. Inorganic Matter to Unicellular Life-Forms

Couldn’t inorganic matter have easily evolved to become simple, unicellular life-forms? If only (for evolutionists) it were so simple!

4. Natural Selection Not at Work

Natural selection, the force driving so-called “survival of the fittest,” is at the heart of both evolutionist and creationist explanations for life’s diversity. But in one strange case, natural selection is not at work on an animal.

5. BBC News: “Stem Cell Therapy ‘First’ in Trial on Arthritic Knees

Scientists have developed a new stem cell therapy that will soon be tested—using adult stem cells.

The therapy, to treat osteoarthritis, is based on an existing procedure in which a patient’s cartilage cells are removed, propagated in the laboratory, and returned to the patient via injection. The new procedure will additionally remove stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow, growing them in the lab along with cartilage cells and likewise returning them to the patient. Doctors hope using the two types of cells in conjunction may stimulate the cells’ growth.

The treatment will be tested on several dozen individuals with damaged knees, with results compared to patients receiving only cartilage cells or only stem cells. If successful, the therapy may one day be used in lieu of joint replacement surgery, which can be considerably invasive.

Keele University orthopedic expert Sally Roberts noted, “Stem cells certainly have huge potential—we just need to learn how to harness it properly.” We agree; the news is the latest in a long line of reports showing the successes and promise of adult stem cell treatments—which do not require the destruction of human life, as embryonic stem cells do. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this treatment will be effective.

6. And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Large, carnivorous dinosaurs like T. rex inspire fear even today in their portrayal as cunning hunters who chased down their prey. But could such supposedly fearsome dinosaurs have actually been scavengers? The possibility adds credence to the (already reasonable) notion that humans and dinosaurs lived together, as Genesis 1 teaches..
  • The Sydney Morning Herald offers a powerful and thought-provoking—and (seemingly, although we do not know the author) Christian—look at the popular idea that any good religion is a tolerant religion.
  • The humble egg shell: “one of nature’s most elegant creations”—as ScienceNOW reports—or one of the Creator’s?
  • Most of us know that plants are more sophisticated than they may appear in a moment’s examination. Now, a new study adds to our understanding of plant “thought.”
  • Triceratops and Torosaurus: two different dinosaurs or one and the same?
  • The tragic yet inspiring story of Richard Rudd’s accident and near-coma reminds us of the importance of respecting all human life.

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