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Time Keeps on Slipping, They Love Lucy, Fin Evidence, A Not-So-Nobel Effort, British Isles, Embryos Disprove Evolution

  • Magazine Department Article
    Fin Evidence
    Oct. 6, 2008, p. 14

    “Researchers Find Dolphin Loose with Remains of Legs,” blared some news reports.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Time Keeps on Slipping
    Sept. 29, 2008, p. 14

    Twice in the past five years, our alleged ancestry with apes has made the cover of Time magazine.

  • Magazine Department Article
    They Love Lucy
    Sept. 8, 2008, p. 14

    A lot of money will probably exchange hands, as Ethiopia “loans” secular U.S. museums its famous native “daughter”—a supposedly 3.2 million-year-old hominid named Lucy.

  • Magazine Department Article
    A Not-So-Nobel Effort
    May 3, 2007, p. 14

    Scientists George Smoot and John Mather were acknowledged for “work that helped cement the big-bang theory of the universe and deepen understanding of the origin of galaxies and stars.”

  • Magazine Department Article
    Embryos Disprove Evolution
    Sept. 15, 2008, p. 15

    Last year in China, geologists discovered fossilized animal embryos, which evolutionists believe to be 600 million years old.

  • Magazine Department Article
    British Isles
    May 3, 2007, p. 15

    Britain’s secular newspaper The Daily Telegraph, in its September 25, 2006 publication, has unwittingly given support to the reality of Noah’s Flood.

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