Embryos Disprove Evolution

on April 1, 2007; last featured September 15, 2008
Featured in Answers Magazine

Last year in China, geologists discovered fossilized animal embryos, which evolutionists believe to be 600 million years old. One would logically assume that if evolution were true, modern embryos, after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, would be very different from those found in China.

The China embryos, however, appear to be identical to those of animals living today. 

Because evolutionist researchers are committed to their belief in a very old geologic column, they automatically assume the embryos found in China are hundreds of millions of years old. The most logical and defendable explanation, however, is that these fossils were formed quickly and catastrophically, most likely during the Flood of Noah’s time 4,300 years ago.

Answers Magazine

April – June 2007


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