God Is Good

The True Character of God the Father

Some people mischaracterize God the Father as only judgment and righteousness. While these are true characteristics, there is much more to our gracious heavenly Father. Is it possible that far too often as Christians we mentally compartmentalize the Trinity? Perhaps we think of the Spirit as empowerment and knowledge, the Son as meekness and love, and the Father as judgment and righteousness. But is this how God is revealed in Scripture?

Atheists’ Biggest “Problem” With God

Ask most atheists why they don’t believe in the God of the Bible, and their answer will ultimately come back to the character of God. Sure, they might mention the lack of “evidence,” hypocrisy in the church, etc.—but when it comes right down to it, they have a problem with God. If God is so good and loving, how can He allow suffering and death?

Why Did God Make Disease-Carrying Bacteria and Viruses?

If God created everything good and with a purpose, why are there disease-causing bacteria and viruses in the world? There are some fundamental differences in how creationists and evolutionists view life. Biblical creationists believe that God created life according to their kinds with the ability to reproduce and fill the earth. This view includes the concepts that God had purpose in what He created and that it originally was very good.

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