Is God Real?
Helix Nebula image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Is God Real?


Creator Clearly Seen

God reveals Himself everywhere, all the time. He does not just whisper but shows Himself clearly for all to see, in an infinite number of ways. Our primary job as Christians is not to prove God’s design of trees and other created things. Our goal is to point sinners back to the Creator who became the Savior.

Who Created God?

When Christians claim that the God of the Bible created all the basic entities of life and the universe, some will ask what seems to be a logical question, “Who created God?” By very definition, an eternal Being has always existed—nobody created Him. God is the Self-Existent One—the great “I Am” of the Bible.

God’s Existence Shown in Nature

Humans are in awe when standing before creation, from the tremendous expanse of the universe to the infinitesimally tiny. When we see the enormous intelligence implanted in so-called unreasoning creatures, we appreciate that they are the result of the wisdom and power that designed them.

Do We Need the Bible to Prove God Exists?

Discarding the Bible, what evidence is there to make claim for the Christian God's existence over any other religious god? When you presuppose that the Bible must be “proven,” any sort of evidence you see can be interpreted against the Bible. But Christians, who start with the presupposition that the Bible is true, can explain the evidence.

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