A Powerful Testimony: Sharing God’s Love in the Midst of a Tragedy

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I’m sure when you look at the perplexing circumstances of life, you often have a deep yearning (as do I) to “look behind the scenes” and see things the way God does.

Through what would undoubtedly be described as a devastating human tragedy, the Lord recently allowed a dear family—and the AiG staff—to see some of the “big picture” as God does.

It’s a gripping story of grief, but also of praise. It’s a special webcast that I strongly urge you to listen to (see below), illustrating how God uses circumstances, and the teaching and resources of AiG, for His greater purposes.

Here are some of the highlights of the webcast:

  • A Christian couple (Frank and Sue Zitzman of Pennsylvania) has raised their children to believe the authority of God’s Word, and to be able to defend their Christian faith. AiG materials and teaching have played a significant part in this upbringing.
  • Their youngest son, Troy (17), loved the creation message and used AiG materials to witness to friends and others. He was very much looking forward to the completion of our Creation Museum.
  • Troy, however, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident this summer.
  • The man who accidentally collided with Troy told Troy’s grieving family that he wasn’t a Christian because he was an evolutionist.
  • The Zitzmans began witnessing to this man and his family, even sharing Christian resources, including many AiG materials.
  • The Zitzmans with Ken Ham

    Ken Ham interviews Frank and Sue Zitzman of Pennsylvania, USA, about the tragic death of their 17-year-old son and the way God is using them to minister to others as a result.

  • Even though Troy’s eldest brother had been taught the same foundational truths of the Bible as Troy, he had not yet committed his life to the Lord.
  • As a result of Troy’s death, though, and because of the foundation that had been laid in this family by Troy’s parents and even by Troy himself, Troy’s brother was wonderfully saved, and he even shared his testimony at Troy’s funeral!
  • Troy’s dad (Frank) now gives out AiG’s witnessing booklet Why Is There Death and Suffering? to as many people as he can—opening up opportunities to share the gospel personally with them.
  • For example (as Frank shares in the webcast), he recently gave this booklet to a truck driver, only to find out that the trucker had just experienced great tragedy in his life and needed the help the booklet offered.

Friend, you need to hear from Frank and Sue yourself as they share their riveting testimony. You’ve never heard anything like it, I guarantee you. Please, set aside 29 minutes right now (or as a family time at your home) and listen to this very powerful testimony. This is real life—and death!

You’ll be encouraged, challenged and convicted and perhaps changed forever.

How would you cope with their kind of tragedy? (You may be asked to endure something similar.) Does your family have the right foundational knowledge of God’s Word so that, even though they would certainly grieve at a personal loss, they would nonetheless handle such circumstances biblically?

What a great discussion topic this webcast could be in this world of war and terrorism, as so many people ask, “How can there be a God of love amidst such violence and death?”

It’s humbling to see how God used AiG in the life of the Zitzmans, not only in handling this devastating event, but also in their ongoing ministry to others who may need comforting and need to know Christ!

To know Christ—that’s what it’s all about. Please take the time to listen to this powerful testimony.


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