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  • Many questions we receive are already answered on this website. Please search before contacting us.
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Many questions we receive are already answered on our website. Please check the following sections:

If your question is not addressed in the sections above or found after searching the website, we would encourage you to search the Scriptures for yourself as did the “noble Bereans” (Acts 17:10-11). Before contacting Answers in Genesis, please read the “Note on Inquiries” below and “Feedback Rules” to the right.

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Note on Inquiries

Because Answers in Genesis is a non-denominational ministry reaching out to multitudes of churches and various denominations, we do not have an official position on many important doctrinal issues such as modes of baptism, eschatology, signs and wonders, tongues, the Sabbath, etc. We refrain from taking an official ministry position because clarification on these issues is not the thrust of this ministry. The main focus of Answers in Genesis must be the authority of the 66 books of the Bible, especially about creation by the Triune God as reported plainly in Genesis.

Sound answers to questions in the realm of operational science can be found in any standard encyclopedia or science textbook.

Sometimes a particular topic is not specifically covered on our site, but other articles will detail general principles that apply, providing a basis for you to evaluate the “evidence” in question. For example, a question on the formation of Stone Mountain in Georgia (USA) would be addressed generally in the articles on granite formation listed in the Get Answers: Geology page.

It is important to realize that facts do not speak for themselves, but are always interpreted within a framework, and the chosen framework depends on the starting assumptions/biases. One of the main thrusts of AiG is to aid people in “thinking Biblically” and interpreting evidence in light of the principles found in God’s Word (see “Creation: Where’s the Proof?”).

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