How Did Fish Survive Noah’s Flood?

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This week's positive feedback is from L.N. of the USA, who receives the AiG-U.S. Weekly News.

This week's positive feedback is from L.N. of the USA, who receives the AiG - U.S. Weekly News. For more information on Noah's flood, please see our Flood topic page.

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The "fish" question is an interesting one. I keep a fossil fish displayed on my desk. I can see the bones, the fins, and the imprint of eyes and scales. On the back side of the square, I can see the imprint of fish and other creatures. It reminds me daily of God's power and the enormous power of water. I particularly like it because a fish is a symbol that early Christians used to identify themselves.

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Here is an excerpt, containing the above-mentioned fish question, from the email newsletter: AiG - U.S. WEEKLY NEWS February 9, 2001.

Q: Noah was instructed to take land animals on the Ark, and that's how they survived. But how did fish survive, particularly in those churning waters?

A: Well, most fish didn't survive. In fact, if you'd been a diver in the oceans before the flood, and then you'd been saved on the Ark and had started diving again after the flood, you would've said something like, "What happened? Where's everything gone?" You see, most marine species were killed during the flood. Now certainly some fish did survive, and we see their descendants in the oceans today. Some people then ask a related question; "How did freshwater fish survive in the saltwater oceans?" There are two possibilities. First, there are many areas in the world today where we see freshwater and salt water together, and the two waters don't mix. So it's possible that certain organisms survived in pockets of fresh or salt water. Second, because of natural selection, which creationists accept, organisms today have become very specialized. Organisms at the time of the flood, however, would've been much stronger and able to tolerate many more changes than they can today. There's really no problem at all in answering this question.


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