Great Sioux Falls Seminar!


This week's positive feedback is from S.D. of Minnesota, USA, who attended AiG's Sioux Falls seminar via webcast.

This week’s positive feedback is from S.D. of Minnesota, USA, who attended AiG’s Sioux Falls seminar via webcast. For listings of AiG’s online webcasts, see Answers Media. Or, for listings of AiG seminars and meetings near you, look at our event calendars!

I heard Ken Ham speak at a homeschool seminar in Syracuse, NY around 10 years ago and it really inspired me to keep homeschooling. We are now in my daughters senior year. He was right about God telling us to teach our children not send them off to be taught by others. She plays the harp and is going to college soon for music ministry. Praise God.

When I heard he was going to be in Sioux Falls this week end I was so excited. Unfortunately I was only able to attend Friday afternoon because of the weather. I would have stayed in a motel in town but I run a motel in a town thirty miles away and had to be home for my many stranded customers. Thank you so much for having this live on the web. I spent all Friday evening and Saturday day listening to you live. It was so wonderful. Thank you!!! I left my daughter with friends in the area and she was able to attend the whole thing and she was so inspired. When she finally made it home tonight she and I had lots to discuss being I was able to listen to it live also. It is surely going to make an impact on her life! Thank you all. She even bought books with all her money and when she got home we ordered more on line! Thanks again. We will be praying for all of you.



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