Natural Disasters

Is God In a Tsunami?

We live in a world where we experience a taste of what life is like without God. When we sinned in Adam, we in essence said we wanted life without God. Tragedies like a tsunami should remind everyone that ultimately we are the cause because we're sinners. At the same time, we should be reminded that God is a loving God and He has provided a gift of salvation.

Understanding Tragedies Like Katrina

Until we are prepared to acknowledge we are all sinners (for we sinned in Adam) and not even deserving of the life we have, we will not understand tragedy issues. Until we are prepared to acknowledge that we (not God) are responsible for the mess of this world, we will not understand natural disasters.

Acts of God

Many people call destructive events of nature “acts of God.” God somehow gets the blame (no wonder some people have developed a resistance to God’s love and salvation), but an understanding of Genesis shows this is not true. Genesis teaches that destructive natural events are in a sense really “acts of man.”

Articles About Natural Disasters


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