Massive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

For anyone watching the news, such devastation is shocking. How should Christians respond? Please continue to pray for the people of Japan.

News stations worldwide are reeling at the devastation in Japan due to a massive earthquake—unequaled in the country’s recorded history—and the huge tsunami it produced, which has swept across cities and farmland leaving a trail of rubble and ruin in its wake. The death toll is still uncertain, but is expected to exceed 1,000.

In the face of such destruction, suffering, and death, many people question how a good and loving God could allow such evil to happen. However, this is just another painful reminder of how the curse of sin has affected our world. For biblical answers to this topic, please see the following resources:

Please join us in praying for the victims of this disaster, as well as the families of those affected by it. Also, take this opportunity to share with others the reason for death and suffering, and the answer to the problem of sin—salvation through Jesus Christ.

Update: please continue to pray. The death toll is still rising as powerful aftershocks plague the nation of Japan, and is now expected to exceed 10,000 dead. An estimated 1.4 million households are left without running water, and 2.5 million without heat and electricity. In addition, radiation threats from damaged nuclear power plants are a significant concern.

The family of an AiG staff member lives in Japan and was affected by the disaster, but we have confirmed that they are safe and well. This is certainly a blessing amidst this tragic reminder of sin’s effect on our world. Please remember the many thousands who are suffering during this very difficult time, and consider whether God would have you donate to help the relief effort.


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