Primordial Soup No Longer Origin of Life


ScienceDaily: “New Research Rejects 80-Year Theory of ‘Primordial Soup’ as the Origin of LifeEvolutionists and creationists alike, watch your language: the supposed “primordial soup” of life’s beginnings is no longer kosher.

Although Darwinists have not yet established how life could have arisen from non-life, they often make vague references to a “primordial soup” as the progenitor of the first life. They suppose that the soup contained the right pre-biotic chemicals and that an external source of energy transformed a spoonful of it into a self-reproducing entity.

Some are ready to abandon the concept [of primordial soup] entirely.

Scientists have suggested alternatives to the primordial soup before, and it appears some are ready to abandon the concept entirely. A European team publishing in BioEssays argues that deep-sea hydrothermal vents, not primordial soup, hosted early life. Team Leader Nick Lane of University College London explains why: “Textbooks have it that life arose from organic soup and that the first cells grew by fermenting these organics to generate energy in the form of ATP. We provide a new perspective on why that old and familiar view won’t work at all.”

Evolutionary biologist and team member William Martin added, “Despite bioenergetic and thermodynamic failings[,] the 80-year-old concept of primordial soup remains central to mainstream thinking on the origin of life. But soup has no capacity for producing the energy vital for life.”

It seems that evolutionists themselves have done an excellent job finding problems with other evolutionists’ origin-of-life tales. None of the speculative ideas, however, have explained away the need for a leap of faith—to believe that just the right molecules organized in just the right way by chance, assembling themselves into an organism capable of reproducing itself.

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