Information Theory

Life Requires a Source of Information

The common factor present in all living organisms, from bacteria to man, is the information contained in all their cells. It has been discovered that nowhere else can a higher statistical packing density of information be found.


Evolutionary scientists trying to get around the irreducible complexity of the genetic code keep trying to come up with simpler, more achievable alternatives to explain molecules-to-man evolution. The latest candidate for a pre-biotic “genetic code” is threose nucleic acid (TNA).

Three Types of Information

It is advantageous to consider a three-fold vertical division of types of information:

  1. Constructional/creative information: This includes all information that is used for the purpose of producing something.
  2. Operational information.
  3. Communication information: This is composed of all other kinds of information.

Life Is More Than Just Information

At the moment of death, the totality of DNA information is still present in all the cells, but the operational and communication information has disappeared. It is thus clear that there is another crucial difference between living beings and dead organisms.

Articles About Information Theory


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