Noah’s Ark and the Flood—It’s Time to Think Outside the Box!

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The global Flood of Noah’s day changed everything: the earth, its inhabitants, and the climate. There are so many questions about the life-changing events before, during, and after the Flood. How big was the Ark and what did it look like? How did Noah care for all the animals during the Flood? How do we know for certain that the Flood was global and not local? How did the earth change after the Flood?

Article from Answers magazine

Article from Answers, Vol. 2, No. 2

You’ll find answers to these questions and more inside the biggest issue of Answers yet. Throughout the special 112-page issue, you’ll find 10 articles in the special Noah’s Flood section that explore what happened before, during, and after the Flood. You’ll also learn how these events continue to shape our worldview today.

In the section, “Preparing for the Global Flood”, Ark expert Tim Lovett explores the shape of the Ark and how artists’ depictions of this vessel have changed over time, from a caravel-like ship to a box-shaped cargo ship. You definitely don’t want to miss Tim’s in-depth look at the design and seaworthiness of the Ark in his article, “Thinking Outside the Box.” The question of how many animals were on the Ark is answered in this section as well.

Puzzled by plate tectonics? Dr. Andrew Snelling puts all the pieces together in his article, “A Catastrophic Breakup.” Coupled with the pull out chart, you’ll learn about how the Flood changed the way the continents fit together. Other article topics in this section (entitled “The Global Flood and its Effect on our Earth”) address how Noah cared for the animals, the universality of the Genesis flood by Dr. John Whitcomb, and the ice age.

In the section on how the Flood continues to shape our worldview, you’ll find articles on a variety of topics including the geological evidences left by the flood, a testimony from Grand Canyon river guide and author, Tom Vail, and an article by Dr. John Morris that answers the question about finding Noah’s Ark.

In addition to this special section, other article topics include sauropods, flood legends, Noah as an evangelist, the rainbow promise, and teaching science to children. Cartoonist Dan Lietha addresses the important topic of how Noah’s Ark has been inaccurately portrayed in Christian resources and even churches in his article, “Mything the Boat.” And the main scriptwriter for the Creation Museum shares what it’s been like as he and his team have worked with scientists from around the world to communicate the history of the world as recorded in the Bible.

Children and families will enjoy learning fun facts about the Ark in the pull out poster of Noah’s Ark. Even unsaved family members and friends will enjoy reading and learning about Noah’s Ark and the Flood in this issue.


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